Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bud Selig MLB Hall of Fame 2017

Allan H "Bud" Selig was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame class of 2017 along with Jeff BagwellTim Raines, Ivan Rodriguez and John Schuerholz. Selig was owner of the Milwaukee Brewers (1970-1992), became Acting Commissoner when Fay Vincent resigned (1992-1998) served as the ninth Commissioner of Baseball (1998-2015) which is the chief executive of MLB. 

MLB saw the following changes under Selig: realignment of teams into three divisions per league (1994), introduction of playoff wildcard teams (1994), interleague play (1997), addition Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays as new franchises (1998), unbalanced schedule (2001), dedicated April 15 as Jackie Robinson Day (2004), stricter drug policy for MLB (2005), organizing World Baseball Classic (2006), introduction of instant replay (2008) which was expanded in 2014 and introduction of second wildcard team (2012).

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